What are the benefits of a cotton scarf?

Update:23 Mar 2019

  In this era of fashion, fashion has become a sym […]


In this era of fashion, fashion has become a symbol, scarves have become a way to dress up fashion, and now the hipsters will use scarves to do the matching method. In the choice of scarf material, cotton scarf has become the representative of most hipsters.

In fact, Qiao Yifang feels that this choice is correct. It is precisely because cotton scarves do have certain benefits, so everyone will have a consensus. We are professional scarf manufacturers, our company's scarves are also made of pure cotton material, comfortable, soft and environmentally friendly. The four characteristics of the cotton scarf are obvious, and it will be introduced by the bridge and the Fang.

First, the hygroscopic, cotton scarf touches the human skin, feels soft and comfortable. If the ambient temperature is high, the water content in the fiber will all evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric maintains water balance.

Second, the thermal insulation, cotton scarf has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity. It can accumulate a large amount of air between the fibers, has good moisturizing properties, and wears a cotton scarf to make people feel warm.

Thirdly, the heat resistance, when it is below 110 ° C, only causes the evaporation of water on the fabric, so the pure cotton fabric improves the washing and wearing resistance of the cotton fabric at normal temperature.

Fourth, hygienic, cotton scarf, the biggest feature is white, soft, environmentally friendly, sanitary, very suitable for making scarves.

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