Washing and drying of different fabrics: woolen garments

Update:31 May 2019

  Generally, high-grade woolen garments with exqui […]


Generally, high-grade woolen garments with exquisite workmanship, many auxiliary materials and high conformal requirements. Drying should be done as much as possible without washing. Otherwise, the fabric will shrink due to different shrinkage of the fabric, or the adhesive will not fall off due to washing, so that the garment is deformed, sampled and dimensioned. Change and can't be worn.

Generally, the time of soaking cold clothes in cold cloth should not be too long. Dark, thin and not too dirty should shorten the soaking time. The washing temperature should not exceed 40 ° C, and can not be washed hard, otherwise it will produce fluff, affecting the hand, elasticity and size. Since wool is not alkali-resistant, soap or neutral detergent should be used for washing, and wool-based detergent can be used for all-wool garments.

The woolen garment should be washed and lightly brushed. The water temperature and washing temperature should be the same. The woolen garment should not be twisted after washing. After squeezing out the water by hand, it should be wet and plasticized. It is best to spread it evenly. When drying, choose a cool and ventilated place to avoid exposure to strong light. When semi-dry, it should be reshaped once to remove wrinkles.