Polyester and nylon difference

Update:01 Nov 2018

  1. Sensory difference: The gloss of the fabric i […]


1. Sensory difference:

The gloss of the fabric is brighter, the feel is smoother than nylon; the appearance of the fabric is darker than nylon, and the coarser is polyester;

2, burning

The difference between nylon and polyester is the simplest method of combustion! The black smoke of polyester is very strong, the white smoke of nylon, and the residue after burning, the pinch of polyester will be broken, the plastic of nylon will be formed! Nylon is twice as much as polyester. Nylon, the near flame is rapidly curled and melted into a white gel. It melts and blisters in the flame, and there is no flame when burning. It is difficult to continue burning after leaving the flame, and the celery flavor is emitted. After cooling, the light brown melt is not easy to be broken. . Polyester, easy to ignite, near the flame is melted, burning while burning black smoke, a yellow flame, emitting aroma, after burning, the ash is a dark brown lumps, can be broken with fingers.

3, scraping with nails

In addition, you can use a nail scraper. After the nail is scraped, there is a clear trace of the rayon. The trace is not obvious is nylon, but this method is not as straightforward as the first method.

Function, performance difference

So, what are the differences in performance? Simply put, nylon has better performance than polyester, but the cost is higher than polyester.
Nylon products are better than polyester products in terms of abrasion resistance, strength, color fastness and gloss, and are not easy to produce dead wrinkles.