Natural colored cotton

Update:09 Mar 2019

  Naturally grown non-white cotton, China began to […]


Naturally grown non-white cotton, China began to introduce and plant colored cotton in 1994. At present, it has brown, green, purple, gray, orange and other color varieties, usually used for blending with white cotton and synthetic fibers. Dyeing is a true environmentally friendly green fiber, and its length and strength are slightly inferior to white cotton.

Descaling shrink-proof wool

The scales of wool make the wool have a fluffy property, which brings many problems to washing and use. Therefore, the removal and destruction of the wool scales is the most direct and fundamental method of shrinkage prevention, and the chlorination treatment and wool are not only obtained. Permanent anti-shrinking effect, and make the fineness of the wool fiber thinner, the surface of the fiber becomes smooth, shiny, easy to dye, the product is softer, smoother, has anti-pilling, machine washable, etc., no tingling Sense, make wool fabrics have better quality and a wider range of applications. This treatment method is called "wool surface denaturation treatment", and some people call it "wool mercerizing treatment".