How to maintain a suit daily

Update:21 Jul 2020

  The following is the daily maintenance of suits: […]


The following is the daily maintenance of suits:

1. Generally speaking, 2-3 times of washing suits in a season is enough. When washing clothes, please inform the industry about the stains on the clothes, especially the stains of alcohol or soda, because these stains have sugar, dry cleaning It must be cleaned beforehand, otherwise it will scorch into brown when exposed to heat during the dry cleaning process, destroying the overall color of the suit.

2. As for the wearing part, in the case of trousers, the principle of wearing no more than two days each time is to wear multiple trousers in turns to allow plenty of time for the trousers to recover their elasticity and softness.

3. The slightly creped suit can be restored by hanging overnight, or hung in the bathroom to let the heat from the bath evaporate to eliminate wrinkles; if the suit is already creped, be special when ironing clothes Pay attention to the temperature and try to iron the reverse side of the clothes, or put a cloth between the clothes and the iron.

4. With the change of seasons, more attention should be paid to the collection and maintenance of clothes. When you wear the clothes you wear in the season, you must clean them first, even if you wear them only once, because the clothes will be contaminated with sweat and dust as long as they are worn. If you don’t wash them in advance, they will quickly become a small dirt. Produce small patches of mildew; it can even become a breeding ground for borers.

5. For winter coats, the collars and cuffs must be washed clean, and wooden hangers must be used after washing so that the rotator sleeves will not be deformed. As for summer clothes, such as shirts and trousers, they are distinguished by materials. For example, wool, cotton, and linen must also be dry-cleaned, while shirts can be stacked in stacks.