How to identify the fabric:

Update:01 Feb 2019

  The feel of the fabric is an important part of t […]


The feel of the fabric is an important part of the quality of the fabric used to identify the fabric. Specifically, the feeling of touching the fabric by hand is psychologically responsive. Because of the different varieties of the fabric, the quality is also different, and the hand feeling effect of the fabric is greatly different.

The feel has the following aspects:

1 Whether the fabric body is stiff and slack;

2 the smooth and rough surface of the fabric;

3 fabric is soft and hard;

4 thin and thick fabric;

5 cold and warm fabric;

6 fabric has a stimulating and non-stinging feeling on the skin.

For example: the hand touches the silk textile with a cool feeling; the pure wool fabric has a warm feeling; the fine and smooth hand-made cotton fabric is mostly made of high-count yarn; the rough texture is mostly low-yarn fabric. In addition, people can also use the role of force, stretching by hand, scratching and other actions, and then through the observation of the eye, the feeling of the hand, can judge the elasticity, strength, wrinkle resistance and fiber type of the fabric. But in general, the feel is the most important means of buying fabrics and clothing.