How to distinguish between hemp and cotton

Update:18 Apr 2019

  A pair of burlap, peace of mind, such as vegetar […]


A pair of burlap, peace of mind, such as vegetarian soap, such as polyester. There is a figure of hemp everywhere in life. Hemp is a natural plant fiber, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy than artificial fiber. Because of its special tubular cavity structure, it is more wicking and wicking than cotton fiber.

The clothes made of cotton and linen and pure hemp are cool and comfortable, especially incorporating more Chinese style, ethnic style, fashion and other elements, which are very popular among consumers. It is difficult to distinguish between hemp and cotton because their chemical and physical properties are very similar.

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In general, cotton has fine fibers, hemp fibers are coarse, and cotton is white and ephedra. Both cotton fiber and hemp fiber are burned in case of fire, burning rapidly, the flame is yellow, and blue smoke is emitted. In the process of burning, the cotton emits the smell of burning paper, producing gray or black powder ash; when burning, the ash smells of grass and ash, resulting in a small amount of grayish white powder ash.

Through the above characteristics, it is possible to distinguish between cotton and linen fabrics.