How to clean and maintain polyester fabric:

Update:13 Oct 2018

  The disadvantage of polyester fabric is that it […]


The disadvantage of polyester fabric is that it is easy to generate static electricity, poor vacuum absorption, easy to pilling, and the other is that the fabric is hard and not soft enough, so the fabric of polyester fabric generally has common problems of wearing uncomfortable, which is also commonly used for polyester fabric. One of the reasons for the jacket. The advantage of poor moisture absorption and vacuuming is that the fabric of polyester fabric is easy to clean. Using a dewatering bucket, more than 95% of the moisture in the garment can be removed, and it can be dried in a short time.

Wash the fabric of polyester fabric, taking care not to use hot water above 45 °C to prevent the garment from being deformed by heat. Washing polyester fabric using washing powder or soap, hand washing, machine washing, dry cleaning, stubborn stains in the collar and other places with a brush. Pay attention to the sun after washing, not to dry, preferably after dehydration, dry in a cool and ventilated place.