Fabric organization

Update:05 Jan 2019

  1. Definition: The textile is made up of two yar […]


1. Definition: The textile is made up of two yarns of two systems perpendicular to each other on the loom, which are interwoven according to a certain law, that is, the latitude and longitude lines rise and fall according to a certain regularity, so that the surface of the fabric forms a certain pattern and pattern. Group

Weaving is called fabric tissue.

2, fabric tissue classification:

1 Original organization: It is the simplest fabric organization, also known as the basic organization. It includes plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.

2 Small pattern organization: It is formed by the combination of the above three basic organizational changes. Such as mountain-shaped twill, sharp twill.

3 Complex organization: It also includes double organization (multi-woven into terry cloth, cotton velvet blanket, etc.), raised tissue (such as corduroy cloth), towel tissue (towel fabric), double layer tissue (towel fabric) and leno weave.

4 large pattern organization: also known as the long flower organization, multi-weaving flowers, birds, fish, birds and beasts and other beautiful patterns.

5 Satin texture: The surface of the cloth is smooth but not strong, easy to scratch, and easy to fluff.