Expanded yarn

Update:12 Sep 2019

The bulked yarn itself is a spun yarn or a filament yar […]

The bulked yarn itself is a spun yarn or a filament yarn, but has a larger expression volume than the original yarn, and is bulky and soft. It includes the following three types;

1. Expanded Yarn The fiber of the nitrile yarn is thermoplastic. When it is stretched under heating, it will produce a large elongation, and then cooled and fixed to form a high shrinkage fiber. The fiber is blended with ordinary fibers to form a spun yarn. After the steaming process, the high shrinkage fiber is longitudinally shrunk and gathered in the core, and the ordinary fiber forms a curl or a loop and bulges, so that the yarn structure becomes Loose, the volume of expression increases, this is the bulky yarn.

2. The textured yarn is the filament yarn that has been deformed. Some methods are applied in the production process to produce permanent crimping, looping and buckling of the silk fibers, so that the gap between the fibers is increased and the yarn body is bulky. Therefore, the textured yarn has the important characteristics of a spun yarn - which is both warm and breathable.

3, Elastic yarn Elastic yarn has a high degree of elongation (3--5 times) and resilience. When it is fully stretched, it is like a normal filament yarn; when it is fully relaxed, it is like a bulky yarn. Most of the stretch yarns are made of thermoplastic filaments (nylon), which are permanently crimped after false twisting and heat setting, but without entanglement between the roots. Knitted underwear made of it has a snug fit.