Corn fiber

Update:15 Mar 2019

Corn fiber (polylactic acid fiber) corn fiber has the a […]

Corn fiber (polylactic acid fiber) corn fiber has the advantages of silky luster, good hand feeling, high transparency and good strength and elasticity compared with cotton. Textiles made from corn fiber can be hot and washable, but it is best not to wash them at high temperatures (<120 ° C).


In addition, its dyeability is also good. From the perspective of environmental protection, corn polylactic acid fiber wins synthetic fiber with its low raw material energy; corn fiber is mainly used in five major directions: clothing textiles, filled cotton, non-woven fabrics, carpets and home furnishings; After that, it will dissolve after 12 years, it is a non-polluting fiber and is highly evaluated in terms of biodegradation.


Uses: Excellent drapability, slipperiness, moisture absorption, good heat resistance and UV resistance, and luster and elasticity. Can be used in underwear, sportswear, fashion, etc.